WordPress Services

Spectacular designs Easy usability Practical, efficient and effective. Perfect for any website. Google, mobile and WordPress love each other with passion.

What else do you need!

There is no magic wand, but there is a knowledge, a discipline and a lot of work behind

Why WordPress?

The blog

Through the blog we develop content marketing for the realization of communication campaigns structured over time. We measure and analyze the results in real time with the aim of constantly optimizing communication with users.

Wonderful Plugins

Selection, installation and configuration of the perfect plugins for each website. Plugins allow us to perform many tasks efficiently and effectively, thanks to them we can simplify and accelerate complex processes in moments.


Development of digital marketing strategy based on the selection of keywords and their subsequent development and interaction. Application of the strategy in the web site and in the other digital channels. Installation and configuration of the SEO plugin more efficient and effective 2018.

Our Objetive

To maximize the enormous potential of WordPress through a wide range of digital actions in order to optimize any website in WordPress.

servicios wordpress

Digital Services Designed for WordPress

The WordPress Services express to the maximum the power of the blog and the content. Through the different publications we make, both on the blog and on social networks, we attract the attention of quality traffic to our website, creating brand and recognition among users. Our goal is to become a reference in our sector, for this we have to offer content of interest to users. WordPress gives us the opportunity to offer that content through spectacular designs. It is not only about exposing information, we must also be able to present it in an attractive way for users.

Through the WordPress services of Sinergia Indigo we manage to communicate in an attractive, fun, and original way. Their spectacular designs allow us to draw the attention of the users, highlighting the competition. Calling the attention of the user is the key to the traffic that arrives at the website! The Web is a huge space flooded with information, and we have to be able to excel in this digital ecosystem.

In addition, through WordPress SEO services we optimize the web structure and correct all possible errors. We also install and configure the best plugins for your website. The goal of the service is to allow both robots and humans to correctly understand our information. The key to positioning lies in communication, if we develop it correctly, our website will be positioned naturally.

Secret Ingredients of WordPress Services

Small Details

Every stone makes a wall! Pampering every detail we generate the necessary synergy so that everything adds up.


Determination is what allows us to overcome the obstacles we will find along the way. Surrender is the only impossible!


Without passion you can not trespass the established limits, and to be unique we have to go beyond ourselves.

Know to do

Everything is founded under the protection of knowledge, and must be seasoned with passion and effort.

Be Authentic

Authenticity is based on trust and love towards oneself. If we believe in ourselves, we do not need to copy anyone.


Nothing interesting is achieved without constancy, with it there are no impossible, and apparent difficulties are transformed into opportunities.