Our vision

The new digital reality and its revolutionary opportunities drive us to transform our businesses and businesses into a new paradigm of interaction.

"Let's work to be a company that society wants to exist"

Sinergia Indigo offers a wide range of personalized digital solutions for each company and need. Do you need to sell more, get more visits, or do I like more, maybe more clients? B2B, are you looking for other companies as potential customers? Discover the advantages of segmentation through digital advertising: Google Ads, Facebook Ads. Use social networks where your potential customers are, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Never forget Google My Business, and if you want we configure your digital business on Facebook through the Business Manager tool. E-mail marketing and CRM.

Digital Advertising

Creation of advertising campaigns based on the objectives set. Brand recognition, reach, traffic, interaction, generation of potential customers, messages, video reproductions, application downloads, conversions, catalog sales, and visits to the business.

Digital Media Management

Nowadays it is not enough to have a web page, it is not necessary to be in all social networks. We must learn to segment, it is necessary to discover where our target audience is, and to focus our resources and efforts on these media. The objective is to make the digital media profitable.



Customer Relationship Management. Its use is part of a customer-oriented strategy, with the aim of improving customer service and relations. We use it to manage the commercial area, the marketing area, and the customer service or after sales area.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing serves to detect and satisfy the needs of users. We can not force a consumer to choose us, but we can invite them to do so. Discover the power of segmentation!

Web design

The web design of Sinergia Indigo is handmade and therefore is made to measure for the client and his business, it is 100% personalized. Ease of use and adapted to different devices.

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Web maintenance

In the digital space, the web is our operations center, the core of everything. From it various ramifications of communication arise to interact with users.

"Who is authentic, takes responsibility for being what he is and recognizes himself free to be who he is"

Let’s make one thing clear!

Digital marketing and web design have the objective of communicating something digitally, and it is not the same to communicate because one has something to say, that say for saying something.