Discover the advantages of WordPress Design

Creating a website with a WordPress design brings us many advantages. On the one hand it is easy to use, maintain and update. It also helps you optimize time and saves you money. In addition, it is perfect for the mobile web, and gets along very well with Google. It has thousands of wonderful plugings that allow you to do everything comfortably. It is simply the best content manager that exists today.

WordPress Design
100% Custom

The WordPress design of Sinergia Indigo is 100% personalized, that is, no template limits us, each page is handmade and we can do everything we want. The limitations of the templates, only exist for those who do not know how to use WordPress correctly. In reality there are no such limits, only ignorance creates them. This ignorance or lack of will and motivation is what causes the limitations. Sinergia Indigo goes further, our passion and knowledge allow us to create any type of web design with this fabulous tool. In addition, well-executed WordPress designs adapt fantastically well to all devices.

diseño wordpress


Our WordPress design is created by hand, that is, each of the pages of the website is unique and different. We develop each page based on what you want to transmit and the content available. The colors, the structure, or the typography have no limits. However, our experience shows us that simplicity and naturalness are the best allies of any web design. The excess of flourishes or decorations with special effects, tend to slow down the web page, in addition in numerous occasions they are incompatible with the device of connection par excellence: The mobile! We must be clear that the speed of loading and clarity in the transmission of information are the vital key of any web. We do not like to wait for users to see how they load a “special effect”, what we want is to see the information that interests us as soon as possible, that is the reality.

Structure of the website

A good WordPress design should be based on a horizontal structure with a maximum of three levels without counting the home page, this facilitates the understanding of the search engines and speeds up navigation through it.

Web optimization

Any web page must be optimized to infinity and beyond, WordPress and its wonderful plugins facilitate this task. Within this optimization, the images are a crucial point, if we do not optimize them, that is, if we do not reduce their weight and adjust the size, the website slows down. The speed of loading is vital, especially in mobiles, a slow load makes users impatient and end up leaving our website because we are slow. The digital world implies immediacy.


WordPress design gets its biggest advantage in its plugins, those little programs that allow us to do practically anything. The installation and correct configuration of the appropriate plugins allow us to develop a website very effectively and in a very short time.

It is also essential to register in Google Search Console, Google Analytics and Google My Business. In addition, we must use these powerful tools to improve and correct unwanted deviations.

The content precedes the design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it is decoration.